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L2Devil.ws "Aeron" Mass PvP Server - Features

Discussion in 'News' started by Devil, May 8, 2018.

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    L2Devil.ws - "Aeron" Mass PvP Server

    BETA: Friday, 25/05 at 18:00 CEST
    LIVE: Friday, 01/06 at 18:00 CEST


    High Five Part 5 chronicle
    Mass PvP Server

    Login ready to PvP with max items and skills
    One Click setup everything

    No Farm
    No Custom items

    Mass PvP Balance
    Exclusive Skins

    Free/Max +25

    Free/Max - 300/120

    Skill Enchant
    Free +30/+15

    Scheme Buffer
    All buffs available (except Kamael and Class Specific)
    Enchanted +30/+15 buffs, 4 hours duration
    32+4 buff slots, 16 dances
    Cancel returns buffs
    Overbuff protection

    Automatic use (HP/MP/CP)
    Mana Potions 1000 MP / 10s

    Subclasses unlimited
    Hero and Certification skills on subclass too

    Skin System
    Make your character look awesome with our Skin System!
    Over 2500 Skins to choose from, and many more new exclusive skins coming monthly!

    Account-based skins, learn a skin and use it on any character of your account!
    Can be disabled to show the real visual

    Exclusive Skins
    New exclusive skins that can't ever be obtained again, or anywhere else!

    Party Zone
    Massive Team-based PvP Zone
    Fight with your friends against your enemies!
    Team is automatically assigned depending on your Party, Clan, and Alliance
    Map and Game Mode rotation
    Mechanics in place to help you find a Party

    Clan Zone
    Classic PvP Zone adapted for Clan PvP
    Fight for your Clan's supremacy!
    Special rewards for Clans when completing objectives
    Map and Objectives rotation

    No Olympiad
    Heroes are given to Top 25 Players
    Top 25 is based on Weekly PvP Ranking

    Free Maxed Clan on creation
    Advertising and recruiting tools
    Mechanics in place to make clans grow

    No maximum number of Clans in Alliance
    Residence Skills are shared among all Clans inside the same Alliance
    Bot Clans are allowed to win sieges and get Residence Skills for your Alliance

    Fortress Sieges
    Daily Fortress Sieges
    Real sieges with balanced siege time window
    Updated Fortress defenses

    Castle Sieges
    Weekly Castle Sieges (Sunday 16:00 and 20:00)
    Residence Skills balanced
    Updated Castle defenses

    Territory War
    Weekly Territory War (Saturday 20:00)
    Wards Reset every week
    Wards anti-hiding mechanic

    Epic Raids
    Daily Epics (Monday - Friday)
    Clan portal capture mechanic

    Everything is available to everyone
    Store currency can be obtained ingame
    Receive great discounts by playing a lot!

    DDoS protection
    Powerful Server Machine
    Account Security and Scam Protection
    Support Tickets
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